Emergency Response Planning for Schools

Overview:  This program provides emergency planning guidance to the people responsible for developing or maintaining an effective school safety program. Surveys of schools often reveal a number of common problems regarding emergency response plans: 1) Plans are developed in isolation from the emergency response community. 2) Plans are vague and responsibilities are not clearly defined. 3) School personnel are not aware of or do not understand the plans. 4) Plans are not practiced appropriately. School leaders have a legal and moral obligation to make schools as safe as possible for children and to minimize potential harm in the event of emergencies and disasters. Planning and preparation are key to meeting this obligation.

Format:  From four to eight hours are required to effectively conduct this class, depending on the extent of existing school emergency response plans.

Outline:  Participants receive instruction and engage in guided practice in the following areas: 
1. Hazard Analysis
2. Hazard Mitigation
3. Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning
4. Incident Command System
5. Exercising/Testing Plans
6. Disaster Recovery
7. Coping with Disaster
8. Linking School and Community Plans 

Target Audience:

Anyone who is responsible for any aspect of school safety, especially those involved in the development, implementation, evaluation, or administration of the school safety program, will benefit from the training course. The school emergency planning team might include:

• School Administrators
• Emergency Mgt. Personnel
• Teachers
• Fire Department Personnel
• Counselors
• Law Enforcement Personnel
• School Support Staff: Custodians, Cooks, etc.
• Emergency Medical Service Personnel
• School Board Members
• Transportation Coordinators
• Parents
• Volunteer Agency Personnel

Materials:  Participants receive a sample Emergency Response Plan, which may be used as a planning template to develop their own school plan. Participants also receive a password to access and download these materials online, which expedites the process of preparing the planning document.

Graduate Credit - Optional:  One semester hour.

Costs:  Contact the
ND LEAD Center

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